Tomorrow is Freedom Day - the day when almost all the remaining Covid restrictions are finally lifted.

We ouitline the main changes that will be happening tomorrow here - including the lifting of the requirement to wear a facemask in public, and the ending of restrictions in pubs and clubs.

All week, we have been reporting on how York is preparing for the day.

Yesterday, with Covid infection rates continuing to spiral, York Central MP Rachael Maskell urged the city's people to continue to 'be safe and be sensitive'.

She warned that just because restrictions were being lifted, didn't mean we shouldn't think of others - and take precautions.

"As infection rates spiral out of control again, people are becoming poorly and tragically some are dying," she said. "Now is not the time to give up. There is no greater act of kindness than to ‘be sensitive and be safe’.

“We have come through the ups and downs of the last 18 months together, showing our kindness and support for one another. We just have to go that further bit forward to bring those infection rates down again. I implore you not to throw caution to the wind at this point.”

Earlier, we reported on the news that Ziggy's nightclub is to reopen from Friday - and have also looked at what will be happening at the city's leisure centres.

The city's newest leisure centre for example, the York Leisure Centre at the new Community Stadium complex at Monks Cross, has announced it will be making ‘positive changes’ to its services, from increased class sizes to reopening changing rooms.

But it says users are still being urged to continue to support its ‘safe, better, stronger’ approach by continuing to clean the equipment before and after use, and being mindful of others.

Our columnist and clinical psychotherapist Kirsten Antoncich offered advice for those who are worried about returning to work while Covid rates are still rising.

Meanwhile, train operator LNER has asked passengers to continue wearing facemasks after tomorrow - though it is scrapping its requirement that all passengers must reserve seats before travelling.

And in a warning that we're not out of the woods yet even though restrictions may be lifting tomorrow, we reported on Friday that there had been Covid cases confirmed in no fewer than seven York care homes.

The number of Covid cases across the city as a whole also continues to rise.