The floodlights have been removed from Bootham Crescent - marking a further milestone in York City's farewell to the old ground.

Specialist contractors were brought in on Friday to lower the four floodlights.

They have now been disassembled. The bulbs will be stored until they can be sold, and the stanchions will go to scrap.

York City stadium development director Ian McAndrew said the decision to take the floodlights down now was taken after a member of the public expressed concern about safety and said they were 'swaying in the wind'.

City of York Council then requested a safety report on the floodlights. Rather than spend money on that, the club decided to taken them down, Mr McAndrew said.

He added that some fans might have enjoyed watching the process - but said the club could not allow them to do so for health and safety reasons.

York City's new home, the York Community Stadium, has all-new floodlights.

Going, going, gone... the Bootham Crescent floodlights being pulled down yesterday. Video: York City FC