A DISNEY obsessed theatre designer has created an everlasting model of York's Disney store on Parliament Street - featuring movie posters for Soul.

Kate Marshall, who worked in the Disney shop for almost two years, was asked to recreate a space or place in model form as accurately as possible for a university project.

Inspired by her surroundings and love for Walt Disney, the 24-year-old decided to get down to business like Mulan and capture some fairytale magic.

York Press:

Speaking to The Press, Kate said: "I've been a Disney kid my whole life but as I've got older it's the storytelling aspect of Disney that has inspired me the most.

York Press: Disney fan and theatre designer Kate Marshall pictured with Jessie from Toy Story at Walt Disney World.Disney fan and theatre designer Kate Marshall pictured with Jessie from Toy Story at Walt Disney World.

"It's creating a world, a whole other place, so consumed in detail that it allows you to step into the story and go on a journey. Disney, and the way they tell stories inspired the way I approach my own designs when I create a visual narrative and tell a story.

"I wanted to add a window display so the model had more interest and conveniently Soul was being released around the same time as the project. Once I saw the film, I loved the coincidence behind the Soul concept of 'finding your spark' when it feels to me that making and storytelling is my spark, and this very model is a part of that passion."

York Press:

The model took 10 days to build, using thicknesses of paper, card mountboard built up for the moulding details and foam board for structure. Kate then glued it all together using PVA and brought it to life with acrylic and enamel paints.

When asked what her favourite Disney film is, Kate said: "It's impossible to choose a favourite film, I love them all for very different reasons so I give them all their own categories so I don't have to decide.

York Press:

"For nostalgia, I'd say Peter Pan because the idea of never growing up has stayed with me, and I've chosen to keep playing, keep making and keep telling stories even as I've gotten older."

The Disney store closed on Thursday, July 15, after almost 30 years on the highstreet as part of a move to online sales.

The Disney store in London remains open.