A YORK school has been celebrating God's Own County with special guests from the Yorkshire Society.

Lord Deramore's Primary School welcomed the Civic Party after plans for York to host a Yorkshire Day parade were cancelled due to coronavirus.

After the society accepted the invitation, the children and staff got to work.

Years two and three had lessons not only on Yorkshire but wheels and axles for their own parade float designs, materials and methods.

On arrival, the Civic Party were met with 60 children waving Yorkshire flags on the driveway with one year two student playing the piano as they entered the playground. Children then took it in turns to walk their models down the stage towards the visitors who clapped each and every child.

York Press:

The incredible float design themes included sheep, Terry's chocolate oranges, Viking boats, Clifford's Tower, Whitby Abbey, fish and chips,Yorkshire inspired landscapes with fields, farms and waterfalls and even one dedicated to Captain Tom Moore.

York Press:

The Civic Party and former Sheriff of York Verna Campbell spent time talking to the children about their designs before giving them each a bag of Yorkshire sweets. The party was then invited for tea and cake with staff before a tour with four pupils around the grounds.

Headteacher James Rourke said: "Our Yorkshire Day parade was the perfect opportunity to give real meaning to our young children’s Design and Technology creations.

York Press:

"The children will remember the day for the rest of their lives, especially considering some of them thought the Civic Party were actual members of the royal family.

"When you look back on your own memories of primary school, you don’t recall those boring lessons sat in front of a blackboard– you remember days such as these – days filled with sunshine, special visitors, cakes, sweets and plenty of smiles."

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