ENGLAND has removed most of the restrictions imposed to control the spread of Covid.

However, some businesses are still urging shoppers to wear a face mask and, with cases still rising, experts are urging everyone to take care.

So what is the new normal?

l Socialising There will be no limit placed on socialising. That means an end to the rule of six as well as restrictions of mourners at funerals and numbers of guests at weddings.

In many cases the ‘one metre plus’ rule on social distancing has also been relaxed - although experts say this remains good practice - apart from certain circumstances, such as border controls.

l Care homes The limit on named care home visitors has been scrapped but many homes will continute to maintain infection control measures. This will vary and it is best to check beforehand.

l Face masks The legal requirement to lift a face mask has been lifted.

However some shops are still urging people to wear a mask as a courtesy to staff and other customers.

Government guidance states people will still be “expected” to wear masks in crowded, enclosed spaces. This also applies to offices, factories, construction sites and close contact services such as hairdressers.

Some retailers are strong urging customers to continue to wear a mask. These include Waterstones, John Lewis, Primark, Beaverbrooks, Wilko, B&Q, Argos and Boots l Supermarkets Tesco - customers and workers are encouraged to continue wearing masks.

Morrison’s - will be following the government guidance encouraging people to wear masks.

It will also continue to offer a free face covering to any customer or colleague who may have forgotten one.

Sainsbury’s - encourages all customers to wear a face covering if they can. If staff are workingbehind a screen, they do not have to wear a mask.

Lidl - The discounter will have signs reminding shoppers that mask wearing is recommended by the government Aldi - encourages customers and workers to wear face coverings when they are in stores Waitrose - John Lewis and Partners “recommends” that shoppers wear a face covering, unless exempt. The company said the decision “will be for each individual to take”.

Asda - Asda encourages customers to follow the government guidance on face coverings. There will be signs and announcements in stores to encourage shoppers to wear masks.

What about schools?

The school bubble concept has been scrapped. As pupils are now enjoying summer holidays the guidance may change before they return for the Autumn term.