A NORTH Yorkshire businessman is embarking on a new chapter following the sale of a dealership and the launch of a London showroom.

Charles Fawcett, founder of Land Rover Defender modification specialist Twisted Automotive, has completed the sale of his LR Motors dealership to Ross Munro who was part of the team that established the business in 2015.

York Press:

Charles Fawcett has sold his LR Motors dealership in North Yorkshire to Ross Munro.

The business remains in Thirsk, close to the original premises, with a showroom and workshop at Severfield Clos, and specialises in the sale of high-quality used Defender vehicles and custom works to client vehicles.

Ross has established a stronger online presence, with Defender owners across the UK able to order LR branded accessories and LR parts during lockdown. He now wants to move core business activity in a more sustainable direction.

The emphasis, he said, was on extending the lifetime of classic and vintage vehicles to up to 80 years.

The LR Classic range will recreate the limited-edition Defender and early 90 and 110 models, with restorations including a V8 engine, a new chassis where necessary and alterations to improve comfort, performance and longevity.

“Our commitment is to give every vehicle a new lease of life, with just two or three LR Classic vehicles being built every year.

“We are dedicated to ensuring we live in an environmentally friendly world; this includes sourcing parts as locally as possible, to reduced shipment miles – a very different story from that of brand-new vehicles, that are commonly assembled overseas.”

The LR custom works division will continue, with Ross taking on another workshop technician.

Meanwhile, Twisted Automotive is expanding and has opened its first showroom in London as the business celebrates its 21st birthday.

The property in Kensington includes a commissioning space where clients can work with the Twisted team to create their own bespoke vehicle.

The launch was celebrated with a sunrise convoy through the capital with the cavalcade featuring two V8 110 Twisted Defender and a Twisted Bahama Gold 90 soft top.

York Press:

Vehicles can be viewed by appointment only.

Twisted Automotive offers just a handful of models for sale every year to a global audience. Each is rebuilt to exacting standards to make it the ultimate Defender in terms of performance, comfort and design. Prices range from £75,000 to £350,000 plus VAT.

Charles Fawcett said: “We wanted to offer the convenience of a home in London to our global customer base, an exclusive yet comfortable space where clients can view the craftsmanship on offer while enjoying the high standards of service that you’d expect from an internationally-renowned yet niche brand.”

“The new space will give people the chance to either purchase one of our exclusive Defined range or to be guided through the commissioning process to create a vehicle that is completely bespoke – so the best, made better, made yours.

“It’s a unique investment in a style icon that will simply never date; one that encompasses the very best of British design and engineering in a sleek yet practical form. Never has capability been so desirable.”

York Press:

The company philosophy of offering just a small number of elite vehicles for sale has seen it grow despite the pandemic.

In January, Twisted Automotive opened a new headquarters in North Yorkshire and in June, Twisted Performance Silverstone opened as the UK’s only retail outlet selling official brand parts and accessories such as wheels, steering wheels and other merchandise. Twisted Marine will launch from a base in Salcombe, Devon, later this year.

The US division of the business, operated under licence by Tom Maxwell’s Twisted-USA Group, turned over $7m in its first year and has just opened a showroom in Texas. A facility is due to open in the Middle East later this month.