A York busker hasn't been held back by the pandemic - after rapidly expanding her fan base worldwide and landing a record deal through Tik Tok.

Liv Harland, 23, has gained 20 million 'likes', one million followers and can earn £1,000 per live stream from her fans.

She has now been able to leave her job at the kindergarten at Queen Etherlburga's school to pursue her music career full-time.

Tik Tok is a social media platform in which users share videos, and it has helped to boost the livelihoods of buskers throughout the pandemic.

York Press:

Liv, who lives between York and Harrogate, explained: "Tik Tok has helped my career in lockdown because I do live streams, and people who can't hear me sing where I am can be connected, watch online, and be involved."

She started busking in 2017 to gain confidence. She first busked in York, and now sings in city centres around the country where she has developed her fan bases - London, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle - and is able to meet her fans on the streets.

"York always treats me well with crowds. I like to busk outside Betty's cafe, and I first ever busked in York, hidden in a back street next to Office.

"I sing love songs, songs that are new and current. I sing my original songs when I'm out busking quite a lot as they're asked for when I'm out."

Through busking online, she was able to secure a record deal with Frtyfve, and will be releasing nine songs over the next year and a half.

York Press:

"Meeting fans while I'm out feels surreal! I never expected this, I always wanted it and it feels like a dream come true!

"When I got the deal I was looking forward to being able to do what I love to do and have a huge team around me to help. I never thought I would get something so soon after only starting Tik Tok a year and a half ago - who knows where I'll be in the next two years!"

York Press: