In the 1980s I was standing at the bar in the Roman Baths in York when a group of Newcastle supporters came in - York was often used as a watering hole for travelling football supporters.

I got talking to one of the supporters, and he explained how he and his mates supported the team but never caused any trouble.

The next moment he was on the floor with a fellow Newcastle supporter standing over him and saying ‘You’re not a supporter if you won’t fight for the club’.

There shouldn’t be any place for this type of person in any sporting event.

The recent race-related comments have no place in society and should be condemned at every level and the perpetrators brought to justice.

DM Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate, York

Cllr Ayre should say sorry for crass remark

I refer to the article on Tuesday July 13 about Marcus Rashford and the crass remarks by Cllr. Ayre concerning the missed penalty.

Perhaps, like the Tory MP for Dover who first used the offensive phrase, he could apologise?

Bob Towner, Hobgate, York