LIVE music has made a comeback at a local arts centre - even if it was outdoors in a nearby woodland.

Leeds based indie-folk/Americana band The Dunwells, supported by York singer-songwriter Rachel Croft, played a sold-out live set for Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC) last Thursday evening in Primrose Wood.

It was the second in the arts centre's Primrose Wood Acoustics series of gigs - the first, on July 1, featured Martin Simpson and Katie Spencer. Before that, the centre hadn't organised any live music events for the best part of 18 months, thanks to Covid.

The socially-distanced audience for last Thursday's event was limited to just 85 - but they were in raptures. "It was an amazing evening – fantastic live music in a beautiful setting on a fabulous summer’s evening," said audience member Sue Bowden. "A wonderful gig – our first since March 2020," added Jane Smith. "Great performances in a beautiful setting.

The gig - held under a natural canopy of trees and to the accompaniment of real birdsong - was just as much a revelation for the performers as for the audience.

Joe and Dave Dunwell said: “After 15 months of playing to a computer screen and doing live streams, to be actually playing live in a woodland was just incredible and the audience were amazing. We loved it!” Rachel Croft added: “For the first time I felt totally in my element again.”

The good news is, you won't have to wait long for the next Primrose Wood Acoustics event. That's already being planned for August 5. More details coming soon...

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