MORE than 400 pupils at a York school are now self isolating after a number of children and staff tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend.

Fulford School head Steve Lewis said in a letter to parents that an increasing number of teaching and support staff were also isolating.

He said that at the moment, staffing levels still enabled the school to be safely run, but he would closely monitor the effects of staff absence and would do all he could to make sure all year groups remained in school.

He said that as of yesterday, he was requiring all pupils and staff who could wear face coverings to do so in classrooms, as well as indoor communal spaces, until the end of the summer term.

"I remain mindful of the wide diversion of views on face coverings within some of our parent and carer body," he said.

"My priority is to reduce the risks of the spread of the virus the best way we can and keep children in school. I hope I can rely on your continued support in doing this."

His comments came as York Schools and Academies Board, in partnership with Public Health York, decided that for the final week of term, schools will retain arrangements such as face coverings in corridors.