IN the latest edition of our look back through the picture archives, here are five darts teams from the past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these photos?

Pictured above, playing in the John Smith’s Ladies League, Jubilee's 2002 team.

Back, from left: Sylvia Keenan, Margaret Schofield, Jeanette Whittaker, Maureen Cahill. Front: Angie Lancaster, Brenda Dave and Heather Bulmer.

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York Press: BRITANNIA A 2002

BRITANNIA A 2002: Back, from left: Rachel Potter, Maggie Jenkinson, Sally Swales. Front: Betty Smith, Kate Williams, Chris Swales.

York Press: SHEPHERD A 2002

SHEPHERD A 2002: Back, from left: Rod Thompson, Kevin Walton, Dave Gibbons, Mick Jones. Front: Barry Davidson, Owen Legg, Mick Willesden.

York Press: SUN INN 2001

SUN INN 2001: Back, from left: Bill Hopcutt, Mick Reagan, Chris Thompson, Tony Cooper, Roy Parkinson. Front: Tony Gregory, Ian Cryle, Doug Sutcliffe.

York Press: TRAFALGAR BAY 2002

TRAFALGAR BAY 2002: Back, from left: Ken Wallace, Paul Keers, Kelvin Frankel, Richard Stevenson. Centre: Mick Lee, Rich Plummer, Bob Lee. Front: John Lee, Colin Rowntree, Ron Simpson.

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