A TOP York restaurant has had to close for a week and cancel scores of bookings after five key workers all had to simultaneously self-isolate.

A sign in the door of Walmgate Ale House and the Chopping Block in Walmgate states: "Sorry, we are closed. Too many staff have been asked to self isolate. Sorry for any inconvenience."

Proprietor Michael Hjort said he had had to close the business on Friday after losing five key workers to the Covid test and trace system, with one of them becoming quite poorly with the coronavirus, and he had to cancel 120 diners over the weekend.

He said the staff members would be unable to work through this week and next weekend, and the restaurant would remain closed until Friday, with more bookings having to be cancelled.

However, he had been able to scratch together enough staff for next weekend to be able to reopen on Saturday.

He said the virus was affecting mainly younger people who had social lives and had not yet been able to have their first jab, even though they were all keen to have it, or had only recently had it and did not yet enjoy full protection.

The restaurant only reopened from lockdown in May with changes in place, with Michael working in the kitchen.

He said then he was returning to his roots and offering a range of classic regional French dishes in a simpler format.