THANKS to readers for sending in their photos of the partial eclipse of the sun which was visible yesterday.

Camera Club members Sharon Allan, Sarah Wynn and Emma Richardson all posted their images in our group on Facebook.

And Martin Dawson, of the York Astronomical Society (YAS), sent us some via email including an incredible shot of a bright red disc in the sky. He said: "I was out with a rather special telescope called a Lunt Hydrogen Alpha plus a 300mm lens on a digital camera and caught some images of the sun been partially eclipsed by the moon.

"This was from Beetle Bank Farm at Murton where the York Astronomical Society have a Observatory.

"The red images are Hydrogen Alpha and the white light images are by the 300mm camera lens."

Sharon Allan took her photo of the partial eclipse when the sun was behind clouds between 10.20am and 11.59 am.

Sarah Wynn captured her image via a reflection on a mirror

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