A COLLABORATIVE team, including members from a university in York, have been named the winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new Organic Division Horizon Prize.

The team of scientists, including professors from the University of York, received the prize after creating a process that could make thousands of products more sustainable.

They have been working on the development of a unique approach that uses a number of methods to give an insight into how rare metal catalysts operate, with the goal of replicating their effectiveness using more sustainable materials.

Professor Ian Fairlamb of the University of York, investigator for the project, said: "When we got notification of this award, I felt incredibly proud of the whole team because we have this freedom to pursue our ideas."

The team have become one of the first winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new Horizon Prizes.

The prizes celebrate the most exciting, contemporary chemical science at the cutting edge of research and innovation. These awards are for teams or collaborations who are opening up new directions.