Alan Swain states that the shooting of pheasants is a bad and cruel act (Shot down, December 15). I believe it is a long-running country sport that should be left alone.

I am annoyed that people such as Mr Swain are against the sport, which has gone on for many years, and will try to prevent it in any way they can.

Many people enjoy shoot days and I don't understand why people oppose it. Too many people in this country set out to spoil the few positive things we have left. Before long there will be nothing left for people to spoil, because they will have everything under the sun banned and prevented.

Fox hunting was banned a couple of years ago, and now the shooting of pheasants could follow suit if the "banning brigade" have their way once more.

It is a pity Mr Swain isn't writing about more important issues, such as our Home Office being guarded by illegal immigrants. Not to mention a Prime Minister who, when he was Chancellor, couldn't keep his promise about having a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon.

Adam J Porter (aged 15), Church Lane, Wheldrake, York.