THERE have been 26 cases of the Delta variant of coronavirus recorded in York in the past month, according to the city’s public health team.

But there has not been an increase in Covid patients in York Hospital so far, with just one person with the virus being treated in general and acute wards on June 1 and no patients in intensive care.

Data on variants in York shows that the Alpha, or Kent variant, remains the most common in the city - but could soon be overtaken by the Delta variant.

Between May 6 and June 5 a total of 60 cases in York were tested in a lab that identifies variants. It found 30 cases of the Alpha variant, 26 of Delta, two of Beta, one Kappa and one Gamma.

Fiona Phillips from the York public health team told City of York Council’s outbreak management board: “The Alpha variant is the still the most dominant in York, although we have seen more of the Delta variants so that may well catch up and overtake the Alpha variant.

“What we’re certainly seeing from other areas is that there isn’t any indication that it’s more serious or that the vaccine isn’t effective against it.”

The latest vaccination data for York showed that vaccine uptake is higher among women than men, Ms Phillips said.

It shows that 92.6 per cent of women aged 40 or older have been vaccinated, compared to 87 per cent of men.

Vaccination rates among ethnic minorities in York are also much lower. Ms Phillips said: “It is something that we do need to focus on in York and understand why and what the barriers are and do more to increase vaccination uptake.”

Vaccination rates remain lowest in the city centre Guildhall ward, although it has increased slightly to 75.9 per cent. Despite talk of a city centre vaccination site, Ms Phillips said there has been no action on establishing one.

But a pop-up vaccination site will open at the University of York campus on Monday to vaccinate students as younger age groups become eligible.

A meeting next month will discuss the findings of a report into barriers to vaccination.