AN escape artist rabbit got trapped in a van dashboard and needed rescuing by the RSPCA and fire service.

The pet rabbit got stuck in a van dashboard after escaping from her hutch during a journey to be re-homed.

She was on her way home with new owner Mark Hyde when he had to brake suddenly and her hutch door flew open.

She ran to the floor on the driver's side of the automatic vehicle and shot up a hole where the clutch would normally be.

Mark, 51, who lives at Cockret Road, in Selby, realised she had made her way into the dashboard area of the car but was unable to free her so called the RSPCA for help on Monday evening (June 7).

DCI Claire Mitchell dashed to the scene at 10pm and could feel the rabbit was high up in the front of the vehicle but was unable to reach her so she left food on the floor in the hope it would entice her down during the night.

But on Tuesday the rabbit had still not made an appearance so RSPCA animal rescue officer Leanne Honess-Heather was sent to the scene to try to reach the bunny.

She too was struggling to reach the pet so she called for the help of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and a crew from Selby were sent out.

Leanne said: “There was no way to get hold of this rabbit because of the tight space she was in and she was so high up. I think I would have had more of a chance pulling a rabbit out of a magician’s hat.

“So I called the fire service and a crew from Selby were able to quickly take off the dashboard while also shutting off any further escape routes - and she was finally caught and handed back to her delighted owner.”

Mark said: “I just couldn’t believe how she managed to get up there - but am so happy that she was unscathed from her ordeal.

“She is now safely in her hutch with her friend where she can stay out of trouble.

“I am so grateful to the RSPCA and fire service for their time and efforts which saved her - they were a great team.”

Mark is now naming his new pets after the rescuers so the escaped rabbit is now called Claire-Leanne and her pal is called Grant after the fire officer who managed to catch her.

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