I have always admired Helen Mead’s articles because she says it as it is: no punches withheld.

However, it is a cruel sad world she unfolds to us in her latest column (It is getting harder to identify scams, The Press, June 5).

She highlights the fact that we live in an environment of scammers trolling our cyberspace with their devilish intent of destroying peace and harmony in our lives.

A previous article dragged up the trolls who comment online but are too cowardly to reveal who they are, humiliating and ridiculing article or letter writers who must give their names. Not a level playing field I feel.

What a level of depravity our society has sunk to. To destroy or create; to be a devil or an angel - the choice to construct a better world for ourselves is in our hands.

Phil Shepherdson, Woodthorpe, York