The alarming practice of ‘fire and rehire’ is growing and employees at risk can take steps to help protect themselves against it. (Unions call for ‘fire and rehire’ to be banned, May 9).

Employees are being dismissed and re-hired on poorer pay and conditions. Unite the Union research highlights one in ten workers being threatened with fire and rehire. This unacceptable abuse of employer power, sometimes by those using Covid as an excuse, often appears under the banner of ‘build back better’. Better for who exactly?

The UK Government must make this form of industrial blackmail illegal, and put working people and their families first.

As a local councillor I’ve been helping residents who’ve contacted me about their own workplaces, from big organisations such as British Gas, to smaller private sector businesses.

I advise people to join a trade union, the strongest protection against workplace and contractual abuse. The second action people can take is to email their MP seeking a simple amendment to existing law to outlaw fire and rehire. This is straightforward and would benefit millions of working people overnight.

It’s time for action so please join the campaign and win this change. Your support could make all the difference.

Cllr Danny Myers (Labour),

Clifton Ward, St Olaves Road, York