I have received not one, but two letters from City of York Council, ‘respectfully’ urging me to allow my staff time off work with full pay to receive a Covid vaccination.

How much has this nonsense writing to all employers cost in wasted time, materials and postage?

My staff have had no problems being vaccinated without the need to ask for additional paid leave. They have gone in their own time without any difficulty; just as I have done. The vaccination centre is open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm and people can choose which day and time suits them to get their inoculation.

With such extensive opening hours there is no reason why any employee cannot organise a convenient time for a jab out of work hours, whatever their occupation or workplace.

York council pleads a shortage of funds and the need to make twenty people redundant to make savings but can find the resources to indulge in this costly, pointless and unnecessary exercise of writing to every employer in the city - sometimes twice.

Matthew Laverack,

Employer of this Parish, Lord Mayors Walk, York