ONLINE spending during the pandemic reached record levels, as high street stores closed for months on end and we endured three periods of lockdown, shoppers turned, out of necessity, to the internet for their purchases.

But having spent record amounts online on items for the home and garden, are you now adequately insured? And what steps are you taking to actively protect your new purchases from theft or damage?

Home & garden

With holidays abroad not an option, more people than ever working from home and a stamp duty holiday boosting house sales, it seems growing numbers of us looked to improve our homes and gardens during the pandemic.

According to the Office for National Statistics1, sales of household goods rose by 99.7% in March 2021 compared to a year ago, with loft conversion and interior design companies reporting record sales.

Winter garden renovations saw sales of Chiminea fire pits up 400%, outdoor heating up 300%, fire pits up 200% and solar lighting also up 200%, as we invested in products to keep us warm in the garden during the cold months.

Interestingly, when asked why they had chosen to invest in their home2, 27% of homeowners said they wanted to add value, while 63% said it was to make their home environment more comfortable as they were spending more time there.

Review home insurance & security

If you invested in home renovations or purchased expensive household items, you may well have increased the value of your home and/or contents and may find your home insurance now needs reviewing.

Without adequate insurance in place, theft or damage could prove costly and you may find your existing policy does not provide a sufficient level of cover. We recommend speaking to your broker to ensure you have the correct protection in place for your home.

Emma Hunton is Private Client Executive at PIB Insurance Brokers in York, PIB Insurance Brokers are one of the leading independent insurance brokers in the UK with 24 offices nationwide.

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