A POPULAR rat run in York is to be closed for more than three weeks.

Melbourne Street, which links Cemetery Road with Fulford Road, Fishergate, is to be closed from May 24 to June 18 for footpath and resurfacing works to be carried out.

A diversion will be in place, with the route clearly marked for traffic.

Here are the other main road closures for York taking place from this week:

Black Dike Lane, Upper Poppleton

From Monday May 17 to May 28 for fibre broadband works. This affects Black Dike Lane between the junction with the A59 and a location approximately 130 metres west of the junction with Station Road.

Burton Stone Lane, York

From May 17 to June 25: no traffic or waiting on Burton Stone Lane between its junctions with Clifton and Grosvenor Road to allow for footpath resurfacing.

Toby Court, York Road, York

From Monday, May 17 to June 11, no pedestrians or vehicles to use the foot path connecting Toby Court and York Road while power grid works are being undertaken.

Trafalgar Street, York

On dates between Friday May 21 to June 26: no vehicles allowed while road is closed for electricity grid works. An alternative route for diverted vehicles will be in place. It is expected that works will only take place on Friday May 21, Friday June 11 and Friday June 25 and that the road will be reopened between those dates.

Pennine Close, York

From 9am to 5pm on May 24 at the junction of Pennine Close and Mill Hill Drive for roadway resurfacing works.

Hambleton Terrace, York

From 9am to 5pm on May 25 on Hambleton Terrace between its junction with Rose Street and a location approximately 45 metres north for road resurfacing works. An alternative route for diverted vehicles will be in place.

Highcliffe Court, York

From 9am to 5pm on May 26 on Highcliffe Court for resurfacing works. An alternative route for diverted vehicles will be in place.

Kestrel Wood Way, York

From 9am to 4pm on May 27 at Kestrel Wood Way between the junction with Brockfield Park Drive and a location approximately 28 metres north. Road closed for resurfacing works. An alternative route will be signed.

Eastholme Drive, York

From 9am to 4pm on May 28 on Eastholme Drive between the junctions with Bowness Drive and Furness Drive for road resurfacing. An alternative route for diverted vehicles will be in place.

Chantry Lane, Bishopthorpe

From This Order will prohibit vehicles from proceeding on Chantry Lane, Bishopthorpe (closed road) during the period when flood defence works are being 0001hrs on the 26th day of May 2021 and ending at 2359hrs on the 24th day of December 2021 (works period) or at a time when the works have been completed whichever is the earlier. This is to ensure that the said works can be carried out safely. Additionally, pedestrians and vehicles will be prohibited from proceeding in those lengths of footpath on the eastern side of Bishopthorpe Road between Chantry Lane and the entrance to Bishopthorpe Palace (closed footpath) for the duration of the works period. It is expected that for a majority of the works period, the road closure in Chanty Lane will be restricted to the final 20 metres of road in front of The Chantry, however, at times, a closure of the full length of Chantry Lane will be required. Contractors will advise residents of such requirements as soon as possible.

The above temporary Orders will not prohibit works or emergency access nor will they prohibit access to premises provided that access is not prevented by on-going works or safety concerns. Traffic signs/barriers will indicate the extent of the prohibitions/restrictions.

For further information please contact highway.regulation@york.gov.uk

Director of Economy and Place

West Offices, Station Rise, YORK YO1 6GA