York’s smooth road sections are a menace.

Having only gone out for a few times last year in between lockdowns, I have now started venturing out into the wide world again in the car.

I am absolutely appalled with City of York, North Yorkshire County Council and Department of Transport at the state of the roads.

Obviously someone during my hibernation, has gone round and ruined the road surface by making it smooth in places between the really excellent potholes.

Those pot holes haven taken years of evolution and climate change to get to a really impressive depth.

Instead of staying awake and feeling a sense of achievement driving over the pot holes to test your car’s suspension and your vertebrae, you now hit an occasional smooth section - admittedly, not very much - which is startling and frightening as it suddenly goes very quiet and then you can hear tyre noise. I keep getting distracting electronic warning messages saying: “Danger, Smooth Road Surface.”

At the end of a pandemic I feel this road attention of adding smooth bits has been a waste of public money as the pot holes were just about worn in - and now they’ve been ruined.

Keith Massey

Bishopthorpe, York