The artist who immortalised the volunteers and NHS heroes who have been inoculating York against Covid has now turned her attention to a different kind of hero - the York City fan.

Sue Clayton, whose painting ‘Tent of Hope’ was unveiled at the Covid vaccination centre at Askham Bar last week, has started painting portraits of Minstermen fans for a project to mark the club’s 100th anniversary next year.

It was all sparked by a meeting on a park bench with lifelong City fan and editor of the Y-Front fanzine Michael Miles.

Sue admits that she has never really followed the club - or football. But she did go to Bootham Crescent a few times with her son James - and always liked the atmosphere at the old ground. Then came that meeting with Michael.

“Although not a follower of football myself, he held me captivated as he talked about his love for his team and what Bootham Crescent meant to him,” she said. “It was one of those conversations where someone’s passion for something sparks your own interest.”

It is that sheer passion of City fans that most inspires her. “Every week they turn out, even knowing that they (City) are likely to lose,” she said

The switching off of the lights at Bootham Crescent for the last time, combined with the fact that next year marks the club’s centenary, made her mind up.

She has already been contacted on social media by 20 or so fans keen to have their portraits painted. But she wants more. Not 100, perhaps, she admits - that would be a stretch. “But a significant number!”

Among them, she hopes to paint James ‘Trigger’ Abraham, the York City fan and volunteer who had the honour of switching off the lights at Bootham Crescent for the last time.

If you’re a York City fan who would like Sue to paint your portrait, message her on @sueclaytonart