York-based LNER says a temporary amended timetable will remain in place until Friday (May 14) while safety checks continue to trains affected by a potential fault.

Hitachi Class 800 trains were withdrawn from service on Saturday for safety checks after cracks were discovered in part of the chassis of several trains.

A spokeperson for LNER said a number of Hitachi Class 800 trains from several train companies had been taken out of service for ongoing checks as a precautionary measure.

They added: "The issue with the Class 800 trains continues to be investigated.

"Once trains have been checked, they are being reintroduced back into service as soon as possible. In addition, LNER is due to introduce an InterCity 225 train back into service tomorrow ahead of the original reintroduction date planned for June.

"Customers are being asked to check before they travel and ensure they have a seat reservation. We apologise for any disruption caused. The latest information can be found at lner.co.uk.”

LNER added it was operating around three quarters of its original planned timetable for this week.

The latest timetable and travel information can be found here