A 73-year-old York man has been sentenced to 17 and a half years in jail after being found guilty of multiple historic sexual offences.

A jury at Hull Crown Court found Paul Kenneth Lamb guilty of 19 non-recent sexual offences. He’d previously pleaded guilty to charges relating to indecent images found on his digital device.

The charges were brought against Lamb, whose address Humberside Police gave simply as 'York', as part of an investigation into offences which took place during the 1970s in London and 1980s in North Yorkshire, Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire area.

Detective Superintendent Phil Gadd, investigating, said: “I am pleased Lamb was found guilty for his sickening and incomprehensible actions against vulnerable victims and that he will now serve a very long time behind bars.

“I want to thank the victims and commend them for their bravery and perseverance throughout the long investigative process. They have displayed dignity and courage throughout this incredibly difficult time as their patience and understanding has been invaluable whilst we built a strong case against Lamb.

“They have had to carry with them the trauma of his criminal actions since their childhood and I sincerely hope that they are now able to feel some sense of justice has been achieved and they can look to hopefully move forward knowing he is in prison where he belongs.

“In recent years, Humberside, as with other forces, has reviewed how it works with victims of crime, and in particular, victims of sexual crime. The victim is at the highest level of our priorities. There is nowhere for perpetrators to hide, we will pursue them relentlessly.

“I would like to thank the team who have worked tirelessly over the past two years to ensure the victims were given the support and confidence to bring Paul Lamb to justice.

“We take all reports of sexual abuse seriously and regardless of how much time has passed, we will seek justice for those who have been affected."