WHITBY is the second largest source for vintage war medals in the UK, a new report has found.

According to selling site Vintage Cash Cow, out of a total of 2,200 pieces of war memorabilia sold in the past year alone there were 63 medals from the North Yorkshire town.

This was followed by Manchester at 40 medals, London at 36 and Swindon at 27 medals. The biggest driver behind this resell market is Essex, which is leading the list for war memorabilia with 323 war medals sent in.

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Steve Childs, Vintage Cash Cow’s medals and militaria specialist, said: "One of the reasons we might be seeing such a large number of medals coming from this coastal town is due to the role the port played during the war. During the First World War the German navy attacked Whitby, along with Scarborough, due to them being sea ports.

"This might have prompted local men to join the fight against the Germans, and with their families staying in Whitby after the war ended, these medals may have remained in the family homes ever since."

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