YORK has made the top five in a leaderboard of the UK’s greenest cities.

The research, commissioned by Project Solar UK, was calculated using four categories - nature, transport, emissions and sustainability - to create an overall score.

London ranked first place as investment with £149,126 per million pounds of council budget dedicated to solar. The high ratio of green spaces per 10,000 of the population and availability of EV charging stations also contributed to its place at the top of the leaderboard.

Bristol came in second place as a city with the most EV charging points for drivers, a high percentage of household recycling, and investment in solar.

Manchester came in second place with a household recycling percentage of 38.60 per cent and solar investment at £2914.00 per million pounds of council budget.

Following after Glasgow, York ranked in fifth place with a10,000 of the population household recycling percentage of 44.90 per cent, 2.87 parks per 10,000 of the population and £823.48 per million pounds of council budget.

Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar UK who commissioned the research,said: “From planting trees and setting up communal composting areas to installing solar panels and purchasing electric vehicles, communities are addressing environmental problems in their local areas.

"Together their proactive moves, such as choosing renewable energy sources and tackling waste, alongside those of local authorities, all help in addressing the climate emergency.”