TOMORROW'S relaxing of lockdown rules to allow care home residents to go on "low-key visits" without having to self-isolate afterwards has been welcomed in York and North Yorkshire.

But the Independent Care Group of care providers wanted to have more warning of the change that comes into effect tomorrow.

Its chair Mike Padgham said: “This is welcome news and something we have been calling for over the past few weeks.

“It seems sensible that a resident who has had both vaccinations can enjoy a safe, socially-distanced trip out to get some fresh air and a change of scenery.

“We know that the lack of social contact and visits has been detrimental to the health of residents.

"As others within the community start to enjoy freedom from the restraints of lockdown it is only right and fair that those in care and nursing homes do so too.

“Our only gripe is that the Government has announced that this can start immediately after the Bank Holiday, which doesn’t give care providers much time to prepare

"This will be quite labour intensive for care and nursing homes and I think residents and their families will have to show patience and understanding whilst these visits are organised."

“We will have to tread carefully and trust that people taking residents out do obey the rules about not going indoors, for example."