CAMPAIGNERS against proposed changes to the policing of public demonstration have held their sixth protest in York.

Kill the Bill York members gathered outside York Minster as part of a national day of action against the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill on Saturday.

After listening to speakers from trade unions and care workers on subjects including the problems care workers have faced during the pandemic and the importance of the right to protest,they took part in an impromptu match through the city centre.

One of the protestors said: “Life as a key worker during the pandemic has been incredibly challenging and isolating, to feel the strength of solidarity amongst others who also want to fight for a better world was incredibly meaningful.”

Organisers claimed more than 100 people took part from many different organisations.

The campaigners believe that the Bill, currently going through Parliament, would give police greater powers to break up demonstrations and reduce their opportunities to hold public demonstrations and protests.

The Government deny this.

Campaigners also claim the Bill is being used to change the way sex workers are treated by authority in the country.