A CAT rescue centre is celebrating its 20th anniversary - and saying an "enormous" thank you to everyone who has supported it over the years.

Jackie Bower, who runs Black Cat Rescue from her home in North Duffield, near Selby, said she had hoped to mark the milestone with a celebration, but the Covid-19 pandemic had meant that wasn't possible.

She said: "I would however like to say an enormous and heartfelt thank you to all those lovely people who have given generously over the last 20 years (food, cash etc) as without them I would never have managed to keep helping cats for this long.

"It's not just about the cats I can find new homes for either. Cats such as Lola and her mum Tiny were living on a livery yard along with brother Cody who sadly died a year after coming in to the shelter.

"The kittens were just four weeks old at the time and two of them had already been given away. I just hope they survived.

"They never tamed down enough to rehome but they live happily with the other semi ferals. Lola talks to me but I just can't touch her and I love her to bits. I think she loves me too in her own way!"

Jackie, 67, said she hoped to celebrate the anniversary later this year - although she wasn't yet sure how.

She said: "If I was younger and fitter I would try for an open day as these used to be hugely successful. Now I don't have the energy for all the preparation that went into this and would need lots of physical help in order to even consider it.

"I'm 68 in a few months and although my brain doesn't recognise that fact my body certainly does!"

Jackie has told in the past how she funds some of her cat shelter bills out of her own pocket, and was so grateful for the support she received from other cat lovers.

She said she hoped people would keep supporting her "in any they can", adding: "Hopefully I'll still be around to celebrate the 30th birthday."