YORK duck Long Boi's fame has grown with a guest appearance on James Corden's TV late night talk show in America.

The celebrity bird, who resides in and around the University of York campus lake, had already gone viral on the Internet because he is so tall - 70cm in length from beak to webbed feet.

Zoe Duffin, a third year biology student, runs a dedicated Instagram page about the duck, and the account found itself with a following of 16.3k people in less than 24 hours.

She told The Press yesterday how one of her friends had coined the name 'Long Boi' because he was so tall.

Now James has introduced him to a laughing audience on The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS, saying: "A duck in England has gone viral because.. he's a tall duck. It's the tallest duck ever recorded!

"That duck stands at three and a half feet tall and he's known as Long Boi. Look at that duck! It's a worthy story.

"If you throw anything less than an entire loaf of bread, he's coming for you. He's three and a half feet tall, he lives on the campus of the University of York and he's dating your mum.

"Put a trench cost on that duck and he's like two ducks trying to get into an R-rate movie."