A YORK composer is behind the score for an emotional Channel 4 documentary series on surgeons saving the lives of unborn babies.

The three-part Channel 4 documentary series - Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles - takes viewers on a behind the scenes journey about the pioneering surgeons performing operations on babies still inside the womb.

Vincent Watts created over 100 minutes of heart-wrenching music designed to "metaphorically hug" the families going through traumatic ordeals while their baby was still in the room.

The first episode has already aired with the next two episodes broadcast at 9pm on Monday, May 3 and Monday, May 10.

In a first for Vincent, he wrote the music during the unprecedented second and third lockdown periods.

Speaking to The Press, Vincent said: "I had quite a lot of discussion with the director as the stories are so sensitive and personal I didn't want to over sentimentalise the music but at the same time I didn't want it to be cold to what they were going through.

"Something that came up through discussions with the director, I wanted the music to metaphorically hug those people involved. Something would happen in the story and the music would support them emotionally.

"The director, I work with him a lot, he always wants to bring more of a cinematic feel to TV documentaries. I come from an independent film background so I have that cinematic sensibility he wanted.

"It kept me going throughout the lockdown. Everyone's locked in and it was an interesting thing to be concentrated on. I do tend to be very focused anyway when I'm writing, just switch off everything else. It was certainly quite an intense period."

Reflecting on Yorkshire and its presence in the creative industries, Vincent - who was born in York and grew up in the nearby village of Long Marston - said remote working had created more opportunity.

"I spent a few years down in London or near London, missed it and came back," he said.

"The way the industry's moved and people working remotely more, I was able to do that after making enough connections while I was down there. It's great to be here. I love it here. It's a very inspiring place.

"Another thing about York is the amazing connection to London with the train under two hours. Before the pandemic I was down there for a week at a time just working on things."

You can hear more of Vincent's work by visiting www.vincentwatts.com