READING about Tom Cruise filming in Yorkshire sent me on a journey down memory lane. I was a journalist working in Taiwan in 2001 when Tom flew into Taipei with his new girlfriend Penelope Cruz for the premiere of their film Vanilla Sky.

There were thousands of people screaming at the sight of him. But I've rarely, if ever, seen so many delighted and excited journalists as at the Cruise-Cruz press conference. Tom was asked a handful of questions (one, about his new relationship, clearly annoyed him and the atmosphere momentarily became tense). But mostly he signed autographs, flirted unashamedly with lots of ladies and had his picture taken with what seemed like all of them.

I'd hoped to ask Tom a serious question or two but didn't manage to grab the microphone being passed around the packed room, and not for lack of trying. I also didn't get a picture taken with him. I'd have had to fight my way through a mass of overwhelmed and giggling journalists for that; I do have some pride, although of course I would have liked a snap with a Hollywood icon.

So, Tom, if you're reading this, I'd be happy to pose for a belated snap now. And I still have a couple of questions to ask.....

Helen Leavey,