STEVE Maxwell has hit the nail on the head (Letters) regarding the inquiry into the permanent closure of Leeman Road - he believes it is a forgone conclusion.

The National Railway Museum wants to build a new Central Hall building over the closed road, thus allowing The Great Hall on one side of Leeman Road to be linked with Station Hall on the other side.

A massive prestigious project, but to close a road and permanently disrupt traffic flows around the city, affecting all the residents and visitors in York is a bit over the top.

The two NRM halls are already linked by a large pedestrian underpass, it would seem a better idea to me to construct an additional motorway style overhead walkway thus giving an “in and out” directional flow system from one building to the other. Traffic flows down Leeman Road would then left as normal.

The inquiry will soon reach its conclusion but I think Steve Maxwell knows the outcome already.

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