A BISCUIT thief who repeatedly targeted the same convenience store despite being banned from it by a court order has been jailed for 44 weeks.

Michaela Eina Allan, 30, stole from the Co-op shop on Paragon Street seven times, York Magistrates Court heard.

On many of the visits she stole biscuits..

It was one of three Co-op stores she targeted in a series of shoplifting excursions.

On April 1, district judge Adrian Lower banned her from going into it for 18 months after she admitted four thieving trips to the shop in three days in March.

At the time, she was on a community order imposed in December for an earlier, fifth stealing excursion to the shops. .

But on April 15 and April 16, she stole from the store again.

She was so disruptive when she appeared before him again at York Magistrates Court the district judge added two weeks to the 42 weeks’ imprisonment he imposed for her thefts and a burglary.

Allan, of Peterhill Drive, Clifton, pleaded guilty to all the Paragon Street store thefts and wilful misbehaviour in court.

Her seven thefts from the store were:

December 19, items totalling £52.20,

March 6, gin and biscuits worth £91 in one visit and gin and biscuits worth £63.80 in a second.

March 7, prosecco and biscuits worth £29.65

March 8, biscuits worth £32.15

April 15, sweets worth £32

April 16, detergent worth £16.

She also admitted stealing meat at the Co-op’s Tang Hall Lane store on April 16, theft of magazines from the Co-op’s East Parade store on December 18, stealing a £45 coat from New Look’s Blake Street store on January 2, stealing food worth £15 from One Stop’s stores on Fourth Avenue, Tang Hall, on March 3 and items worth £15 from the One Stop store in Dosworth Avenue on December 19 and burgling a Heworth garage when she stole food, DVDs and a PlayStation.