THERE are mysterious goings-on at the Yorkshire Museum in York - and even Sherlock Holmes is lending a hand in investigating matters.

The museum will be opening its "Mystery Files" on January 1 as it begins 12 months of exploring and investigating some of its most exciting objects.

The attraction will see visitors become time detectives and hunt for clues among Roman remains, Viking gold and medieval treasures - with a different mystery to solve in every school holiday.

By solving each one, visitors will get all the pieces to the final puzzle, which will lead to the opening of the museum's vault in December next year.

Museum learning manager Amy Parkinson said: "For all of 2008 we have opened up the top secret cabinets, unearthed some of the most unusual objects and declassified some curious tales for visitors to investigate.

"It will offer people the chance to get to grips with real objects, some of which are thousands of years old, while hunting for the secret codes."