THE sudden death of Bay City Rollers' frontman Les McKeown last week sparked memories of Rollermania among York fans.

Several Press readers recalled seeing the Scottish pop band play the Cat's Whiskers club which was at the Rialto venue in Fishergate.

Gavin Craft, Michael Hodgson, Rob Stagnell, Sheila Gomez, Linda Jones and Kay Fawcett all remember seeing the tartan-glad pop stars at the Cat's Whiskers in the mid 1970s at the height of Rollermania.

Michael Hodgson posted: "Saw the Rollers at the Cat's Whiskers 1974 I believe. Cost £1 a ticket to get in."

Rob Stagnell added: "Saw them in the Cat's Whiskers in York, the place was packed."

Kate Cornish was also a fan and said it was "so sad" to learn of Les's sudden death last Thursday at the age of 65. She added: "I was a Roller with my tartan down my trousers and scarf hanging round my neck."

Elizabeth Ann Pitts still has her Bay City Rollers' mug - and sent us a photo to prove it!

Lynne Ward from Osbaldwick in York got in touch to reminisce too. "They were my favourite group in the 70s - my bedroom wall was covered in pictures of them."

She also sent a photo of herself with her two daughters all clad in tartan shirts ahead of seeing the Rollers play at the Grand Opera House in York a few years back.

Carole Mennell-Walker also remembers seeing them live. "I had all the gear It was my first concert, I think I was 14 and it was at Barnsley of all places!"

Jayne Whale posted: "My friend and I saw Les at the Grand Opera House in 2015, shortly before he got back with the band. He was very entertaining - all the ladies were very excited. It transported us old lasses back to our youth!"

Andrea Nickson posted several images of a Bay City Rollers gig at the Opera House too.

Bridget Carlyle has a more permanent momento: "I got Les's name tattooed on my arm when I was about 11 years old with the ink at school."

The Bay City Rollers hailed from Edinburgh and sold sold 120 million records worldwide. Their hits included Bye Bye Baby, Shang-a-Lang, Remember, Summerlove Sensation and Give A Little Love.

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