A WORLD-RENOWNED French street artist is going viral in Yorkshire as residents ask if his beautiful fixes for potholes could be recreated in the county.

Lyon-born artist Ememem has turned damaged pavements in several major European cities into works of art by filling in cracks with colourful mosaics.

Pictures of his work are being shared across various local Facebook groups in the region after a viral post by a Polish Facebook page received over 15,000 shares.

You may have seen Ememem's creations on your newsfeed.

From Oslo to Melbourne, his artwork has become an internet sensation.

In a somewhat amusing fashion, he even leaves some of his tiles with the inscription 'Here lies a pothole'.

Is this the worst pothole in York?

The nearest Ememem piece of work to York is 224 miles away in the Scottish city of Aberdeen.

The artist describes his technique as 'flacking' - a play on the French word 'flaque', which directly translates as a 'pool' or 'puddle'.

Would you like to see this kind of street art in York?