MORE than 100 people are expected to attend an online event designed to bring together business people who want to collaborate.

The event on Wednesday, April 21, is being held to launch Engage for Success, a voluntary movement promoting the importance of employee engagement and its benefits to teams and organisations.

Host Michelle Mook, who runs Pro-Development in York, is the Engage For Success area ambassador for Yorkshire and the Humber. She is also planning to create a series of online events where people can continue to share ideas and best practice around the topic of engagement.

“Much of the research into engagement carried out by Engage For Success over the last decade has highlighted just how important it is to productivity and economic growth," she said.

"Add to that the impact of Covid-19 over the last year, which has left many employees feeling isolated, and it’s easy to see how a focus on engagement will help make a significant difference to our economic recovery.”

Michelle is keen to see people get involved to share ideas and learn from work already being done in the region.

"We have a fantastic opportunity here to bring together a community of like-minded people who can help ensure that this region is working collaboratively to engage people and teams, which in turn will support economic growth,” said Michelle.

“There are some great examples of engagement activities across our region, which are already helping to make Yorkshire and the Humber a place to work that we can be proud of.

“I’m looking forward to building a network of people who will lead and inspire, and creating an environment where we can share and learn together. We want to shine a light on the great practice we know is out there and help other organisations identify ways in which they can engage their people and teams.”

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