WILD and wiry would be two words to describe my lockdown locks.

But after three hours at my local hairdresser's, my tresses were tamed (yes, it took that long for my cut and colour!). My grey roots were banished to a distant memory. And my hair was smooth, sleek and shiny once more.

When I looked in the mirror I almost cried - with joy.

Maxines hair - before and after her visit to the salon this week

Maxine's hair - before and after her visit to the salon this week

Lockdown heroes come in many guises, but mine certainly comes brandishing a plastic visor, a pair of scissors and a comb. As well as a pack of silver foils, hair straighteners and spray wax.

So let's hear it for the hairdressing heroes of York.

We want to hear about the best hairdressers and barbers in town - and celebrate them in The Press.

My nomination goes to Emma Rawson at Bonito in Fishergate.

Emma Rawson, of Bonito in York - Maxines hairdresser and lockdown hero

Emma Rawson, of Bonito in York - Maxine's hairdresser and lockdown hero

But we want to hear about your favourite hairdresser and barber - and see your post-lockdown hairdos.

Tears are optional.

To nominate your stylist or barber, and send us your before and after photos of your lockdown locks, click the Send Now button below...