TODAY'S photo from the past shows the parade of shops in Fishergate from 1979.

Who remembers Jax motorcycles when it had an outlet here?

More than 40 years on, many of these shops have gone - but luckily have been replaced by new one as well as restaurants and take-aways.

The excellent website of the Fishergate, Fulford and Heslington Local History Society ( records some of the many shops that were along this stretch in the 1950s and 1960s.

From the Lighthorseman pub: 120 E M Readman, confectioner; 118 Joseph Croft (not a shop?); 116 M Sample, fruiterer; 114 Woolgrove bakers (run by the Misses Shaw who lived in Heslington); then Sandringham Street, corner 112 C Thornton and Son, plumbers; 110 Dennis Robinson, fruiterer; 108 L B Morrell cycle dealer, radios, gramaphones, (became Yum Yum); 106 H Bradley, newsagent, (became Macks); 104 C R Clough, butcher, (now Alligator); 98/102 Mason’s grocers.

Do you remember these shops. Do you have any photos of them?

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