A DRAMA duo are cycling to all 63 state primary schools in York over two days in a bid to launch their new workshops.

Theatre in Education Company Mud Pie Arts is launching its Drama for Recovery workshops with a cycle ride to every primary in the city on Wednesday and Thursday this week (April 14 and 15).

Group leaders York based drama practitioners, Nicolette Hobson and Jenna Drury, want to help York children recover from a stressful year; through drama games.

Jenna said: “Drama is the ideal tool to build life skills such as teamwork and empathy.

"We know drama lets children express their creativity. After a time of feeling powerless, our form of play gives children a voice and a choice. It is powerful stuff.

"Plus, of course, our sessions are often full of laughter, which is a great stress buster for all of us.”

Mud Pies Arts are inviting teachers to book a day of drama that will include every child in the school. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn the simple games, so that, with regular bursts of drama play, all children will benefit.

The duo will be pedalling from Strensall to Wheldrake, Rufforth to Elvington on over 55 miles of local lanes.

Jenna said: “We want to show our commitment to education with this gesture of determination. Luckily, we live in a wonderfully compact, green city."

Mud Pie Arts will also be offering primary schools a teaching package for 8-11year olds to build resilience. ‘Operation Last Hope’ is a fantasy role-play, requiring the children to complete a quest to rehabilitate an endangered species.

Nicolette said: “We hope teachers will welcome artists back to schools soon. It is possible to do this safely. The arts are essential for child development and well-being, after such a long year of disruption to young lives."