AN antiques centre reopens tomorrow (Monday, April 12) in a new home and with an Elvis fan at the helm.

Mark Witherington formerly managed the old Pickering Antiques Centre in Southgate, but now he’s gone solo and will be opening the new Antiques Centre tomorrow at 42, Burgate Chambers in the town.

Mark, who is the president of the Elvis Fan Club Scarborough, said: “Our new shop on the corner of Burgate and the Market Place in Pickering is over 250 years old and a former bakery, full of character and quirkiness.

“We have five rooms full of antiques collectables and curios for our customers to browse.

“TV celebrity antiques expert David Harper will be selling his books,with us and we are planning a book signing with him too.

“From curiosity Victoriana to retro Americana and plenty besides will be on offer , seven days a week during the season.

“We also look forward to helping raise funds for local charity.

“I’m the President of the Elvis Fan Club Scarborough and will of course make a point of helping others when we can.

“Elvis called it TCB, Taking Care Of Business.”

Mark said that more than 20 dealers from the former centre have signed up with and we are very much looking forward to continuing the success of Pickering Antiques.

The store can also be found on Facebook at Ryedale Retro Antiques and online at

The Press reported at the time that the original Antiques Centre was opened to the public back in July 2018 by the then mayor of Pickering Cllr Joy Andrews.

It was situated between Pickering Surgery and Coopers of Pickering and was owned by local businessman Craig Cooper.

Back in February on their Facebook page that said a fond farewell to the old business.

In a post they said: “It has been a pleasure to house so many wonderful dealers in the past few years we have been open.

“Thanks must certainly go to the wonderful team of staff who ran the shop with such passion and dedication, and the huge number of customers who visited the shop.”