HOW are those lockdown locks looking? Are split ends driving you senseless? And are your grey roots forcing you to wear your woolly hat in public?

The good news is that hair salons can open again from today. Are you booked in for the big chop or a tidy up?

With salons closed for more than three months most of us are desperate for a trim and for a root touch up.

Heroes come in many guises, but those with a pair of scissors deserve the title too!

If you agree, send us a photo of your hairdresser or barber - AND some snaps of your before and after lockdown looks.

I'm booked in this week with my hairdressing hero Emma Rawson at Bonito's in York - and as you can see from my photo, she has her work cut out!

I have tried to dye my grey locks and trimmed my own fringe three times in the past four months - not the easiest of tasks.

So Emma is definitely my hairdressing hero - please tell us about yours!

You can send your nomination and photos straight to our newsroom via the Send Now button below!