A CAFE and pub in Easingwold have come together to create a day to night outdoor seating area for customers.

Long before Covid-19, the Olive Branch and Angel Inn always came to each other's rescue as next door neighbours.

Now the businesses will share a marquee in a bid to serve customers outdoors in a cost effective way.

Danielle Rose, assistant manager of the Olive Branch cafe, told the Press: "The two ladies that run the pub Jo and Katie, they were having a chat about what they were going to do going forward.

"We've got about six tables outside and it's just not viable with six tables. We could get one person sat on a big table. 

"We always help each other anyway as businesses with stock if we run out of something or whatever. We're next door to each other. When Covid wasn't around you could stand from a distance in the market place and see the corner where we are and think, 'Oh that looks like they're having a great time'."

The marquee - which will be open on one side to allow air flow - will be served by table service with a track and trace procedure in place. 

The Olive Branch will operate in the space between 9am and 5pm. Meanwhile the Angel Inn will open up between 3pm and 8pm Sunday to Thursday and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

York Press:

For Danielle, it is an exciting roadmap milestone for both customers and staff following closures and takeaway-only service.

"We're really excited," she said.

"For me personally, it's normality as well - working and having some routine back. 

"The Angel had been shut completely through this lockdown. The Olive Branch was open as a takeaway on a Friday.

"We've really done well with the takeaway - pizzas, parmos, fish and chips. Our customers have been really supportive as well and if we're doing takeaway they'll pop their head through the door and say, 'Are you keeping alright?'. It's definitely a community round here and that's why we're doing this as well. It's giving customers best of both world's in a way.

"By doing this it's given staff hours to work and given them a bit of a life back. Yes, it's great for the business but it's great for the staff and the customers."