MANY readers will recall learning to swim at these baths.

At one time, York Baths, was one of the city's finest buildings.

Hundreds of children will have had their first splash in the pools and taken their swimming proficiency tests.

But by 1960, the baths, by St George's Field, were run down. Situated on the banks of the Ouse, years of flooding and neglect had take their toll.

By 1968, it was clear the building had a doubtful future. In November, the Evening Press reported that the Parks and Allotments Committee recommended the council closed the facility before new baths were opened in Thanet Road.

The baths were shut in January 1972 - because they were structurally unsafe. The cost of demolishing the building by contractor D Boswell was £1,100.

Some 12 years before, cracks had already appeared in the large bath, allowing water to seep out, holding up swimming training.

The baths may have been decrepit, but the land was precious and is now used as a council car park.

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