No wonder leave voters now pretend they always knew Brexit would be an economic shambles: it’s embarrassing to admit remain voters were right.

Government figures show an export loss to the EU of £5.6 billion in January, a drop of 40 per cent. At this rate, in nine months we’ll have lost a sum equal to all the money the UK paid to the EU over 40 years. With no visible benefits.

But in 2017 Liam Fox boasted a Brexit deal would be ‘one of the easiest in human history’.

Hundreds of thousands of UK jobs are going because of Brexit.

Among hundreds of companies relocating to the EU are: Kasai, Jota Aviation, Rex London, Teal & Mackrill paint makers, Dartmouth Crab company, Gocycle, RHSP architects, Designers Guild, JD Sports, Horizon Retail Marketing, Coca Cola, Blackrock, Audio Technica, Nissan, Aston Chemicals, BMW, and even the London Stock Exchange!

But Lord Digby Jones insists Brexit won’t cost a single UK job.

What does he take us for? This confidence trick benefits only the rich.

The UK’s reputation is trashed. £350 million a week extra for the NHS was a lie. Calling out chicanery isn’t negative; it’s the first step toward putting things right.

Christian Vassie, Blake Court, Wheldrake, York