AN inspiring teacher and director who helped shape York’s amateur music scene and taught generations to sing has lost a two-year battle with brain cancer.

On Thursday, April 1, Margaret Garvey, lost her two-year fight against a Glioma brain tumour.

Before being diagnosed with cancer, Margaret, who was 65, lived a full and active life as a key part of York's music community.

Margaret and her family moved to York in 1987 in order for her to complete an MA at the University of York, under the direction of Peter Seymour. It was here that she fell in love with the city.

A music teacher in the York area for more than 30 years, she ran her own home practice as well as teaching and performing in local schools. She taught generations to sing, helping to shape York’s amateur music scene.

Companies such as York Light Opera and York Musical Theatre’s casts often consisted nearly completely of Margaret’s singing pupils.

She inspired all whom she taught and instilled a deep love and interest of music within them. Many have gone on to have successful performing or music careers.

Margaret directed many community choirs, including the Tuesday Singers of Escrick and the InHarmony Ladies Choir based in Acomb which gave her a lot of pleasure, particularly towards the later stages of her life.

As a professional performer she worked and toured predominantly with the Early Music Ensemble, Concert Royal. Concert Royal was Margaret’s passion and with them she travelled all around the world, notably North and South America. She also performed all over the UK, at historic buildings and Early Music festivals.

Her voice was described in The Times as being ‘pure and clear’ and a German reporter referred to her as ‘having the voice of an Angel'.

Her daughter Katherine said: "Margaret was vivacious, spontaneous, passionate and loved life. She will be missed by anyone that met her but her musical legacy lives on."

Margaret leaves her husband, Professor Bob Garvey, daughters Katherine and Fran and granddaughter Molly.