Make it York and City of York Council’s proposed marketing campaign to bring visitors from across the country (Campaign to promote city to visitors, April 3) seems way over the top.

The UK population can’t wait to get away from home after lockdown. International travel is likely to be severely constrained or have onerous conditions attached to it, and York is known to be one of the favourite places to visit in the UK.

Tourists will come here of their own accord without the need for money spent on adverts on TV, in magazines and in newspapers.

This does seem to be an issue of ‘have budget will spend’, when a bit of promotion on social media would suffice.

Anne Rylatt, Caedmon Close, York


Who will deal with litter when visitors return?

With the prospect of many more people having their holidays in the UK and visitors and locals enjoying the open green spaces of our parks, I do hope City of York Council is anticipating the resultant litter produced and is going to place large skips liberally where large parties will congregate.

We must not allow the disgraceful recent scenes of detritus abandoned everywhere because a single rubbish bin is the only receptacle in the area.

Geoff Robb, Hunters Close, Dunnington


Littering our green and pleasant land

The first day of the lifting of Covid restrictions saw Joe Public head off out into our green and pleasant land. Then they went and left all their rubbish behind. such slobbish behaviour. What a sad indictment of society that they feel it is acceptable for someone else to clean up their litter.

Nigel Deamer, Bishopthorpe, York